About Therapy

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of who you really are.” ~Rumi

The Search for the Self
We live out many definitions of who we are. One definition is provided for us by our parents and family of origin. Other definitions come from the culture we live in, our occupation, our religious faith or ethnic group, our gender. Sometimes we feel limited by these externally imposed ideas of who we are. We may have the sense that there is a larger self underneath all these roles. But how do we get to it?

Lost In Time
Many of our limiting patterns and beliefs were established when we were very young, sometimes before we learned to speak. Recalling these events is sometimes difficult, but they continue to influence our current lifestyle, relationships, and communication patterns. Psychotherapy can help illuminate the past by focusing on the present, creating a space for change and growth.

Reclaiming the Self
Just as plants grow toward the light, there exists a force within us that seeks wholeness, emotional health, and true-self expression. We can reclaim this authentic self by moving through our limiting beliefs and life patterns toward a life of more conscious choice.

Reclaiming Relationship
We all need to give and receive love. But our relationships can become limited or adversarial at least partially due to fears and anxieties we carry from past experiences.  We may find ourselves drifting toward negative views of our partner or family members that limit the joy and connectedness we’re able to experience with them. Or we may find ourselves overwhelmed with emotions or behaviors that are getting us nowhere fast. Learning to listen to and communicate carefully with our loved ones can help us to see and appreciate them – and ourselves – in new and deeper ways. By moving beyond the defensive patterns that result from out-of-date beliefs and perceptions, we can find our way through the confusing maze of feelings to establish truer and more intimate relationships.